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December 10, 2019

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Emergency Gas Repairs, B3349 Basingstoke Road, Alton

February 6, 2019

SGN is carrying out an emergency repair to a gas main on the B3349 Basingstoke Road. This is being carried out under multi-way traffic signals.


We are advised by SGN’s engineer that the repair will be completed today (6 February 2019), following which it will be tested for 24 hours. The trench is due to be back-filled and the road re-opened tomorrow (7 February 2019).


SGN's website carries details of such roadworks and can be accessed here.


As a general point, no planned roadworks are permitted on the diversion route for the duration of the road closure. The exception being emergency works responding to risk to life or loss of supplies, which have to take precedence.

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