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Local diversion route light vehicles 7.5

Local Diversion Routes for Light Traffic

Diversion routes for local traffic will be in place during the closure of A339 Whitedown Lane and parts of the Butts Bridge roundabouts.


The closure will allow public highway improvements including the demolition of the narrow brick arch railway bridge, which is to be replaced with a new steel bridge of wider span, and associated earthworks, widening of the carriageway, diversion of services and construction of a new roundabout.


Whitedown Lane is expected to be reopened late on Tuesday 17 December 2019. 

Full details of the road closure and its associated limitations are set out below. The accompanying diagram illustrates these.


Whitedown Lane will be closed at a point from its junction with Butts Road, Selborne Road and Winchester Road, to a point approximately 65m north west of that junction and south east of the entrance to the French Horn public house, including both roundabouts. Traffic will be permitted through/around the works to and from The Butts Road to Selborne Road and vice versa.

With the closure in place, the end of Winchester Road will be closed and access to Winchester Road will be switched to be via the new link road (to be named Winchester Road) off Selborne Road.

Following lengthy consultation and in the interests of safety and to minimise disruption to the wider highways network, the following additional restrictions will apply.


One way only northbound traffic will be effective from the junction of Ackender Road with Lenten Street and Basingstoke Road to a point approximately 210m south of that point plus 5-10m south east of the bend in the road, as agreed suitable with the local traffic officer/highways engineer at the time.

Traffic will be prohibited, and one way only northbound traffic will be introduced together with an associated ‘no right turn’ from Basingstoke Road, ‘no left turn’ from Lenten Street, ‘no entry’ into Ackender Road from the northern end, ‘no right turn’ into Ackender Road from Queens Road, and ‘no left turn’ into Ackender Road from Langham Road.

NOTE:  If deemed necessary by the local highways authority on the grounds of safety or due to implications beyond on the wider network, the one way restriction described may need to be altered during the works, either to extend to the full length of Ackender Road, any part of Ackender Road, or to be removed entirely.

Parking will be prohibited on the western side (northbound carriageway) of Ackender Road to accompany the one way section, as necessary to ease congestion and as agreed on site with the local traffic officer/highways engineer.

The option to implement ‘no parking’ for the entire length of Ackender Road on either or both sides of the carriageway is reserved, as may be required for safety reasons under the instruction of the local traffic officer/ highways engineer.

The ‘no vehicular access’/’access to residents only’ signage at the ends of Ackender Road will be temporarily removed.

HGVs will be temporarily prohibited except those requiring access.

‘Access only’/’no through route’/’not suitable for diverted traffic’ signage will be put in place at the ends of Highridge, Whitedown Lane and Westbrooke Road.


A one way only section will be introduced from the junction of Chawton Park Road with Northfield Lane, to a point approximately 360m north west of that junction (next to the entrance to the sports centre and car park). Additionally, there will be ‘no left turn’ from the western arm of Chawton Park Road at the junction with Northfield Lane.

Traffic will be prohibited, and one way only south west bound traffic will be introduced and a ‘no entry’ sign placed at the junction with Northfield Lane.

Two way, temporary traffic lights will be in place on Northfield Lane to provide access for the residents of Northfield Lane and residents and business of Chawton Park Farm. Appropriate signage will be sited at the southern end of Northfield Lane at the junction with the A31 to reflect this restriction.

There will be ‘no parking’ along Northfield Lane and the one way section of Chawton Park Road for the duration of the works.